We anticipate the 2020 winter season will kick off  in the 3rd week of March.

Discussions with team Managers will determine whether we continue with a player based registration fee or revert to a team based registration fee.

Whatever is decided with fees, they will continue to include player accident insurance and public liability insurance for your team. 

Players will also need to upload photo identification when registering.  Team sheets may not be required if photo identification is successfully implemented.

Team managers are required to complete an application for entry to QIF each season, which can be emailed to you upon request to info@qldindependentfootball.com.au

Teams are required to have (1) two contact persons, (2) access to a home ground with sufficient risk management processes in place to provide safety to all participants, (3) a team name and team colours, and (4) a sufficient pool of players to complete all fixture requirements for the season. 

Our season will normally run for 18 home and away rounds, followed by a Top 4 Finals Series.  There will be a break in the middle of the season to coincide with end of semester / school holidays.

Please contact Steve on 0401 806 521 or email info@qldindependentfootball.com.au

 I can still be contacted if you have any queries or issues for a period of time via 0400 531803  Kerry Harmon