Contact details

Kerry will be overseas for several weeks with limited access to internet.

Please direct all queries and scores to John Tobin 32007750(h)  0402440102(M). John will also be co-ordinating the final series. Any clubs wishing to hosts games should contact John asap

Final Series for 2016

Format for QIF Finals
Sunday (both divisions)
11 September Catch up games

18 September (A) 1 v 4
                       (B) 2 v 3
25September Winner A v Winner B ( Grand Final)

12-15 September (A) 8v9
16 September      (B) Winner A v 5
                            (C) 6 v7
                            (D) 2 v 3
                            (E) 1 v 4
23 September     Winner B v Winner C ( consolation Grand Final)
                           Winner E v Winner D ( Grand Final)